We help organizations deliver innovative systems, engineering and technology solutions to make lives safe, secure, sustainable, and affordable.

Different makes a difference

Our differences are one of our greatest strengths and key to understanding the needs of our clients globally, but our ambition goes further. We are continuously working hard to put principles at the heart of our strategy, companies’ culture and day to day operations. These principles include:

• Increasing diversity and inclusion
• Creating social value and community benefits
• Protecting human rights

At NET we strive to be more inclusive, collaborative and more innovative.
These means making a positive impact on society through our inclusivity and accessibility, being aware of human difference with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age and any other forms of diversity. Internally we aim to remove barriers in every are and every level. Through trusted and experienced leaders, increasing representation across our organization, and broadening our talent to include all under-represented groups.

How we’re doing it
Our approach needs to be meaningful and measurable. So we have created both qualitative and quantitative targets:
Quantitative targets:

• Commitment from the Board to maintain set percentage of representation by women
• Proportion of women representation in all staff
Qualitative targets:
• Annual improvement in employee engagement
• Provide support to local or national diversity groups
These ambitions provide strategic direction for our Employee Resource’s and Business Networking, which are empowered to set meaningful targets.

Regional Approach
There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to advancing diversity and inclusion. That’s why our focus differs from region to region and is tailored to the geographic nuances within each of them.
The more variety in background, perspective and experience we have in a room, sharing ideas and solving problems, the better the outcome. And at NET what we do and how we work, we aim for best outcome always.

Long Term goals
We have a long-term goal within the UAE and wider GCC State to foster links with the local Universities and to create a Nuclear Engineering academy with a holistic program for the development of Education, knowledge and skill required to operate, engineer, and maintain the nuclear sites at Barakah without international help to develop a support knowledge and skills base required for the UAE to be a completely independent civil nuclear electricity generator. Including the following; Knowledge and skill base
Leadership, mentoring and coaching skills.
Engineering to recognized programs approved by the international engineering associations.
Maintenance, Chemistry and radiation protection technician training and qualification, Specialist skill development like Coded Welding, Non-destructive testing, MOVAT, specialist maintenance. Radiation protection and decontamination during plant shutdown and refueling outages.