Our highly talented leadership team has decades of experience and documented success’s. Our consultants will develop plans and solutions that have been tried and tested.


Our proposal is designed to support you in relation to international nuclear projects. We recognize the need for an integrated source of support in emerging nuclear environments and for the deep level of knowledge required to support and provide services through national and international regulatory compliance and standards. From a technical, safety and security

We have the technical expertise, knowledge, and background within our company. We are also able to provide further support through our partners and close connections with globally renowned consultants within the nuclear sector. The support of expertise we offer is comprehensive and the scope of the skills brought to you under Nuclear Engineering Technology can meet any needs.
Besides our core nuclear expertise, we can offer support and services in the sectors of energy, construction and project management, Quality Assurance, Insurance, and Inspection and many more, through our strong team of experts.

Internationally we have strong growing alliances with specialists which reflects our own approach to delivering highest standards of specialist services to each of our valued clients. We also have expanding links we are continuously growing internationally in countries like UAE, Korea, USA, and India.

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Energtec Image